Penn Bobby Singh


"A Perennial Stream" is an enchanting tale that starts in the 1740s from a dreamy desert town of Jaisalmer in Western India. The story then meanders to the beautiful city surrounded by hills and dotted by lakes, called Udaipur in Rajasthan in the 1800s. Then the story flows into the backwaters city of Indore in Central India in the 1900s and then to the Midwestern plains of the US towards the end of 20th century. Then the story moves to the cultural capitals of Europe in 1980s and back to the US in the 1990s, this time its enigmatic capital city, Washington DC and finally to the newly confident and seemingly resurgent India in the new millennium.

"A Perennial Stream" is also the story of nine generations of a dynasty and its never ending battle against corruption and injustice, so much a part of the Indian culture over the centuries. It is also a social commentary on the issues of the day.

"A Perennial Stream" is about everyman and for everyman, who is on a quest for dignity. This is a story of six great men, all originating from the same source, all members of the same dynasty. This is a story about the great rise and equally great fall from grace of a family that had come to live by a strong set of values and that had the courage of their convictions through thick and thin. This is an also a touching story of love and romance and how finding love made members of this dynasty better human beings.